This is a site for Green Bay Packer Fans located in west central Florida.  GO Pack GO!! A place for Members of the Tampa Bay Packers Club and for anyone who appreciates a little Green and Gold every Sunday (sometimes Monday)! Wondering where to watch the game? Wondering if the game will be shown on TV? Sick of all those Steelers Fans and Bucs fans that won’t keep quiet? Wish you could find a little slice of Wisconsin here in the sunny Bay Area? Well, look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

We won’t make fun of your midwest accent here. In fact, we’ll encourage it! So grab your Cheesehead and a brat and come meet everyone! Meet new friends, plan your next Packer Tailgate, or hitch a ride up to Mecca (That’s Lambeau for you Bucs fans). And of course, always in support of the G-Force Nation of Packer Fans Everywhere!

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History of the Cheesehead:

When the Bears won the 1985 Superbowl, Chicago fans began to taunt their northern neighbors with the nickname “Cheesehead.” Affable Wisconsinites embraced the insult, and in 1987 a man named Ralph Bruno showed up to a Milwaukee Brewers game wearing a cheese-shaped hat made out of foam from his mother’s couch. Instead of making fun of the man wearing upholstery on his head, Brewers fans asked Bruno to make them cheese-shaped hats too. Bruno began manufacturing the Cheesehead, which he would then sell at Wisconsin sporting events. Bruno’s company, Foamation, Inc. now makes an entire line of cheese-related products. (from Time Magazine)

History of the Cheesehead



And lest we forget HIS awesomeness…..



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