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Hot Dogs

This is an old family favorite. Great with the kids. Great if you want a change from brats.
Oysters Rockefeller Tampa Bay Packers Club

Oysters Rockefeller – Big Green Egg

Have you ever had Oysters Rockefeller that were raw underneath and topped with a burnt crust of cheese? Or how about St. Louis style Oysters that were simply a dried-out flavorless mess? Well, I think I've nailed it with the Big Green Egg!! These are BY FAR the best oysters I've ever had! Cooking at around 320 for 30 minutes seemed to be perfect.
Beer Brat Onions Tampa Bay Packers Club

Beer ONIONS for Brats

Everyone is always asking me how I make the grilled onions for the brats so tasty. So... here it is, the famous grilled brat onions recipe which is from my cousin Travis while tailgating at Lambeau on a frigid December morning. The secret is leaving the onions soak in ketchup and mustard overnight! And of course, good Wisco beer for cooking.